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Many people have been surprised at how long it has taken for a museum which covers the terrible events of 1953 to be established. Earlier attempts to set up a museum unfortunately came to nothing.

After the 40-year remembrance service in 1993, there were new initiatives. These were developed in 1997 by a working party under the leadership of Ria Geluk, which was finally able to launch the project.

A group of volunteers was established under the leadership of Evert Joosse, an engineer from Kloetinge. The funds raised enabled them to convert one of the caissons into a museum.

Podium, an organisation for educational communications from Utrecht, organised the layout, and in the autumn of 2000 an experimental design was opened to the public in order to test reaction.

After a successful trial period during the winter, the museum was officially opened by Mrs Monique de Vries, at that time Secretary of State for the Ministry for Transport and Public Works, and in the presence of volunteers, sponsors and other guests, on 2 April 2001.

All this was only made possible by the generous donations of various organisations (a total of 600,000 guilders was raised) and the efforts made by many volunteers.