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Management and organisation

Museum organisation
The Watersnoodmuseum is a wholly volunteer organisation. The over  a 130 volunteers involved act mostly as hosts / hostesses and receptionists. The organisation is headed by a board, Stichting Nationaal Monument Watersnood 1953, which is made up of the following members:

Karla Peijs, Harmelen (chairman)
Ton Brandenbarg, Serooskerke W (secretary)
Joop Roes, Renesse (treasurer)
Rein van der Kluit, Middelburg (member)
Eva Kuit, Bruinisse (member)
Job van de Sande, Alkmaar (member)
Hein van der Loo, Rotterdam, (member)

All members have fine service records and are well qualified to run the museum and the planned extension in a responsible manner.

Director and managementteam
In addition to the board, the museum has a Director in the person of Siemco Louwerse and an Operational Manager Lianne Kooiman; they have the day-to-day administration. 

Associations and cooperation
The Watersnoodmuseum is a member of the Netherlands Museums Association and the Association of Museums in Zeeland. The museum also belongs to the Platform Musea Schouwen-Duiveland (8 member museums) and the Netherlands Institute for Heritage.

The Watersnoodmuseum has provisional registration status. Its aim is to become a registered museum this year, and this recognition is worked towards in consultation with the museum consultant for Zeeland.

The museum is in contact with foreign organisations about floods which have affected their regions, such as East Anglia and Louisiana (USA). A Memorandum of Understanding on mutual cooperation was signed with the State Museum in New Orleans in view of the tragedy caused by hurricane Katrina on 29 August 2005.