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Survey of the works

The Storm Surge Barrier in the Hollandsche IJssel
The Zandkreekdam
The Veerse Gatdam
The Grevelingendam
The Volkerakdam
The Haringvlietdam
The Brouwersdam
The Storm Surge Barrier in the Oosterschelde

A number of dams at locks at the far end of the Eastern Scheldt had to manage the water due to the construction of the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier: the compartmentalization works. These include:

The Philipsdam
The Oesterdamdam
The Marquisate Quay
The Bath discharge canal  and sluice

Another barrier mentioned in the Delta Act but which was not implemented by the service Deltadienst is the realization of the Lauwerszee works (1961-1968).

Several other large-scale hydraulic engineering works which were implemented at the same time as the Delta works or which were or are being constructed as a result of them are:

The Scheldt-Rhine link
The Zeeland bridge
The Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier
The Westerscheldetunnel

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