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Reinforcement of dikes and dunes

In addition to the major, eye-catching projects to dam the estuaries, the Delta works also entailed reinforcing the dikes and dunes in order to bring them up to Delta strength. Because of their spectacular and innovative nature the large construction projects received large-scale national and international coverage. By contrast, the reinforcement of dikes and dunes was carried out by local managers and generally reported only in the local press. Even so, these works had a significant impact on Zeeland’s society, if only because the period in which they were carried out spanned some forty years, from 1953 until the 1990s.

The following reinforcements were carried out:

Closing up the breaches and repairing the damage to stone revetments and dike bodies.

The raising and reinforcing of dikes and dunes which had almost been breached in 1953 in order to achieve greater safety than in 1953.

The raising and reinforcing of dikes and dunes according to the standards set by the Delta Commission. These included the so-called improvement measures to bring existing hydraulic engineering works up to standard.

Reinforcing the dikes around the Oosterschelde, as a consequence of the construction of a storm surge barrier rather than a closed dam.