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Reinforcement of weak spots

After the sea walls were repaired, the risk of flooding in the first few years after the Flood was not much smaller than pre 1953. To increase safety in the short term, a financial settlement was arranged between flood defences management and the provinces and State in 1955 which would make it possible to reinforce sea wall weak spots. The aim was to finish these works in 1957, but this did not prove possible in all cases.

Mostly, these works were on a modest scale, sometimes of a temporary nature, such as raising the crest with a coffer dam. Anticipating the recommendations of the Delta Commission, in some cases a whole new dike was constructed, as for instance at Zoutelande, where the narrow strip of dunes was converted into a sea dike, or at Ellewoutsdijk and in the Zwin, where a new dike was constructed across the salt marsh. In all, there were some 37 kilometres of improvements.