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Battle against the water

M. Verhaegen & J. Kragt

€ 6,95

The battle against the water is inherent to the Netherlands. Just as dykes, pumping stations and polders are characteristich of the Low Countries. We can never escape it, because the water is always there, all around us. It’s a battle which has seen intense tragedies in the past, like the dreadful disaster of 1953, as well as amazing highlights, like the construction of the Delta Works.

This is a battle which can never be definitively won, but in which we do not stand alone. With countries like England and the Czech Republic at our side, we fight against our mutual archenemy. This is a very special fact that Marc and Jan incorporated in a stirring story. Historic facts, sadness, tension and love form the ingredients against the background of disastrous floods and international cooperation in the battle against the water.

Comic book, published by Eureducation Foundation, 2011, softcover, 46 pagina’s.